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WalkActive: Stroll to Stride 5km

Get Fit with WalkActive. Stroll to Stride 5 km helps anyone get fitter and trimmer all through walking without jarring your joints or spending hours exercising every single day.

This programme will help you walk 5 km in under 50 minutes with good technique + pace + posture without any jarring on your body or endless hours exercising.

Free Access

East Cornwall PCN has procured a limited number of spaces to pilot the Stroll to Stride Programme here in East Cornwall.

Once patients sign up they will receive a code that will deduct the £25 shown in the basket. Upon registration they will receive all programme materials and access to the Walkactive app, all free of charge. Sessions are uploaded to the app weekly so that the participant can follow at their own pace at a time that suits their lifestyle. Participants will also have access to a live webinar once a week with an opportunity to ask any questions directly to Joanna Hall.

More Information

For more information and to book your free place on the Stroll to Stride introduction webinar, please visit:

On this link you will find: Webinar and brief overview

On this link you will find: course overview + video testimonials + register interest form