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Whats Available On Your GPs Website

Your GP practice website is now a one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs. There you will find a whole host of services available to you 24/7. These should not only help you, but also help your GP practice at times of high demand.

The idea behind these additions is to help our patients access services from their GP practice at a time and place that is convenient for them and their busy lives.

Not only can you now complete all administrative tasks like address changes & prescription requests online, but you can also take care of more detailed tasks. These include your regular health reviews for chronic conditions such as Asthma & Epilepsy. For patients using a contraceptive, you can also complete your regular reviews online too.

If you require advice on travel medications & vaccinations, these can be managed on your GP Practice website, as well requesting fit (sick) notes from your Doctor.

These are just a small selection of all the various self-help and health management tasks you can now complete on your GP practice website in East Cornwall. For more information please visit your GP practice website below.

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