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Coronavirus Explained For Kids

The Coronavirus outbreak is a worrying time for us all. With their routines changed and hearing regular news stories about something they perhaps don’t fully understand, it is likely that it may well be worrying for your kids too.

To help a little with this, we’ve created a collection children’s guides and resources to the coronavirus to help explain the situation, made by various reputable organisations, from across the UK.

These guide aims are to help answer children’s questions about the coronavirus, to tell children how to stay safe and how to protect other people. We also aim to be adding to these resources on a regular basis, so be sure to share the page and to keep checking back in.

Useful Videos

An Illustrated Book For Children

Free to view, download and print.

From The Children’s Commissioner

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Infographic courtesy of Alder Hey Childrens Hospital

Guide book courtesy of the Children’s Commissioner

Illustrated Book For Children By Nosy Crow