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Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and East Cornwall PCN are working together to support local nursing homes in the North and the East of the county with the distribution of 50 new iPads across our nursing and care homes.

These iPads will enable homes to interact with our local GPs and healthcare professionals, to carry out virtual ward rounds, speak with GP’s directly and allow nursing and care homes to access online training, support and resources from the health care environment.

This initiative is supported by Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and East Cornwall PCN, this is a key milestone in supporting our nursing and care homes through COVID 19 pandemic and beyond.

Paula Varndell Dawes of East Cornwall Primary Care said:

“Digital technology such as iPads are very important as the world is becoming more digital, we are doing all that we can to support our care and nursing homes across the East of the County to ensure they can take full advantage of the latest digital methods of engagement with their GP and other NHS service providers

To most of us iPads are a natural part of our life but working with the Nursing  and Care homes across North and East Cornwall highlights how these tablets provide a vital tool to ensure that we can work as one healthcare system, ensuring that patients and staff remain in touch with all services, while patients receive the care they need.

Across society today we use iPads or tablets all the time whether it’s for catching up on social media, writing emails, creating photo albums, listening to music and reading the news. However they are used they offer convenience and it’s really opened resident’s eyes that we can do all this at the touch of a button.”

Across the East Cornwall Primary Care Network we have been very quick to embrace the latest technologies to enable patients to access their GP and request medication online around increasingly busy life. For more information and to find out about the online services available to you please click the link to E-consult or watch the video below where we explain more about LIVI Video Chat.

More Info On Livi Video GP Appointments

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